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RE: The F22's &quote;Not For Sale&quote; sign. I'm curious regarding exactly why the US remains steadfast in it's policy of a &quote;not for sale&quote; stance in relation to the F22. The aircraft's cabilities, whilst considered known ( to a point), is impressive without doubt however given that actual &quote;dogfighting&quote; in it's true sense is a thing of the past, It would seem to suggest that there is something about the F22 which is driving the &quote;No sale&quote; position? The old saying &quote;Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer&quote; is just as applicable today as it was when it was created and whilstthe US is aggressively marketing the F35 and remaining defiant in it's stance on the F22 it leaves a nagging question in my mind as to exactly why? I don't believe that it is an &quote;exclusively&quote; equipped aspect ofthe US defence policy nor do I believe that it's a production, running or maintenance cost factor, I firmly believe there is something about the F22 which is being kept on an &quote;Ultra Top Secret&quote; basis and is the reason for the exclusive ownership by the US. Just a footnote to my question, given the US economy at present, I am even more surprised that they haven't relented on the &quote;closd Shop&quote; policy in relation to the F22? I invite members to comment on this question and in particular to my suspicions?

Author: sadsack324
Posted: 02/10/2016
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