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JIEDDO is not working. BAE is the &quote;only people&quote; that matter. I have spent 9 years developing a multi methodology of defeating IED Det/Blast Waves (< which has injured more soldiers than &quote;spall and other debris.&quote; ) I know, as I've been in the position to live the event. Still have neurological and other health issues. My question is simple. Why won't any of the &quote;powers that be&quote; listen to the &quote;little guy?&quote; Last I checked, Einstein was &quote;one man&quote; and he changed the world, there are many other examples. When will our Acquistion folks take the time to see what some of us &quote;little people&quote; can and have created. First Live Fire Test, 100 Kilos HMX, at 15 yards, side detonation....... zero penetration, non lethal wave penetration. What else do these folks want? I guess this sounds like &quote;sourgrapes&quote; and I don't mean it to, however, Im frustrated as you might understand. Feel free to contact me if you are either Military or Corporate entities. Thank you and have a great day. Best, David Woroner, CEO, Survival Consultants Int'l. CCR Approved

Author: dworoner
Posted: 02/10/2016
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