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I wish to ask a question which may be seen as political however it most certainly is not. It is very much Military in nature with a little hint of sarcasm thrown in. I am an Australian, British born and have lived in this country for 53 years. I have worked in a number of sensitive areas as both a Military member and also with the &quote;Cloak and Dagger&quote; crowd. I watched with absolute astonishment yesterday whilst Mrs Clinton and the US representative for Defense,(notice I spelt that correctly) announced to the Australian public that US troops will, sometime in the future, be stationed in Australia! I might add however that Mrs Clinton failed to mention the ongoing disciplinary and behaviour problems associated with US service personnel stationed in bases in Guam and Okinawa. Australia's Prime Minister - Gillard, The Foreign Affairs Minister, Kevin Rudd plus a myriad of other notables were all there to &quote;brush&quote; the dust of the &quote;Yanks&quote; seats and in the process slipping on their own salivation. The US had a number of bases in Australia during the 80's and 90's however these became obsolete (well according to the press anyway). The yanks pulled out but now they want to come back - WHY? Look around the Asia/Pacific region almost every country who can afford it is aquiring new hardware. Is it because of the Chinese and North Korean singularity of purpose? What thought processes may be a factor in the US interest in Australia? Let us never forget the immortal words ofthat legendary fighting man Gen. Douglas Macarthur during WW2 &quote;I shall return&quote; as he left his own GI's in the Phillipines to become POW's. Looks like the yanks are planning to return to Australia! Invitations to comment on why?

Author: sadsack324
Posted: 02/10/2016
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