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I read with interest, I watch with enthusiasm most, not all but most, articles on all manner of subjects on this website. I wish to ask a question which will no doubt be viewed by some as being perhaps divisive,and perhaps unpopular with many but if I am correct at least I will entice at least some sensible comments from those who I care to read. However before I ask this question I wish to make it very clear that I hold NO affiliation with those groups opposed to conflict. Having said that I shall commence the preamble to my question. A lot of articles that contributors write for us to read here are informative, factual and comprehensive. I applaud their individual talents and their drive. Some of these articles deal with Defenceive Missiles and their platforms, some deal with the software to which these systems so heavilly rely on. Other articles deal with aircraft and their respective abilities or vunrabilities. There is healthy debate on what NATO countries are doing what and with whom! Which is also an extremely vital topic, articles on new Naval units, upgrades and so on. Including ofcourse the advances in land based light, medium and heavy vehicles. Anyone who has been a member of this site for a period is aware of what is discussed. I'm aware that there are articles on &quote;survivability issues&quote;, Body Armour, IEDS etc. Now after you have digested that my question follows: How many of you have actually been on the receiving end of the ordnance that so many members seem so keen in discussing? I'm not requesting service numbers etc however those of you who haven't, take the time to talk to someone who has. You may find you will have a totally different perspective on these subjects. Personally, I know what it's like. I would invite both members and editorial staff alike to answer this question as it just doesn't deal with &quote;Ooogh argh what was that loud bang&quote; scenario (That's if you hear it), it entails preparing young minds to deal with the inevitable and utterly distressing visions of war. &quote;Battlefield Psychology&quote; a wonderful term, slides off the tongue so smoothly. Anyway this is turning more into a statement than a question so I shall leave it at that. Think very clearly before answering this question.

Author: sadsack324
Posted: 02/10/2016
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