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Hi All, Ex soldier looking for job-PSD team member,escort convoy,guard I am 37 years old and i worked in Croatia military for 11 years,from 1990 till 2001.During the Jugoslavian war (1991-1996) i was engaged in battles both in Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina.After the war i stayed in the Croatian military for 5 more years. During my professional engagement in the army i was trained for varous combat situation. After the 2001 i worked in. the private sector.I don t have any criminal records. I have a driver's license A,B,C,G,H categories. (car and truck). Since I am completely psychologically healthy, I am ready to get involved in activities such as insurance buildings, property, people, escort convoys,checkpoints,PSD,work as a driver -Afganistan,Iraq,Afrika,Maritime Security... Skills-Experienced in work in teams, as well as organizing work in teams -Command and management of soldiers in war actions -Organization and survey of soldier training instructors - Professional knowledge handling with explosives, mines, guns, scouting and diversion activities, sniper, armored vehicles PSD,CP etc.

Author: marcus.michael0...
Posted: 02/10/2016
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