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November 20, 2017 by [field_author_2]
Tools to ensure strong communication standards in defence should be widely adopted to improve control and efficiency, says Stuart Cotton, MD of Accenture's Health and Public Service group.
Tags: communications | task management
November 14, 2017 by [field_author_2]
Defence IQ’s newest partner, the Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation Network (, is launching the world's first virtual event to explore the revolutionary impact of AI on businesses across all sectors, including defence and security.
Tags: artificial intelligence | intelligent automation
November 13, 2017 by [field_author_2]
The UK has a new strategy to leave the past behind and revive elements of commercial shipbuilding as part of a wider post-Brexit industrial strategy.
Tags: shipbuilding | Royal Navy
November 7, 2017 by [field_author_2]
October's announcement that around 30GB of data was compromised in a hack on an Australian government contractor during 2016 is the latest wake-up call to the defence industry...
Tags: cyber defence | cyber security
October 31, 2017 by [field_author_2]
With commercially-available drone (UAV) technology becoming an increasing threat to security, a market has emerged to specifically tackle these devices before they can be used to attack...
Tags: counter drone | counter UAS | security technology
October 16, 2017 by [field_author_2]
A decision on whether to cancel the US Air Force’s long-awaited E-8 JSTARS (Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System) recapitalisation programme may be made public at the end of October, according to comments made by USAF Secretary Heather Wilson.
Tags: jstars | E-8 | air surveillance | radar | airborne sensors | air force
October 16, 2017 by [field_author_2]
As virtual reality systems become common place in military training programmes, Defence IQ explores why the concept of ‘realism’ in defence differs from the consumer market.
Tags: virtual reality | military training | training and simulation | QinetiQ | BMT Defence Services
October 10, 2017 by [field_author_2]
Amid Austria’s legal spat with Airbus, this month’s election may determine the fate of the country’s Eurofighter fleet.
Tags: fighter aircraft | Airbus | Austrian defence | Eurofighter Typhoon
October 10, 2017 by [field_author_2]
The UK government has attempted to outline its plan for defence and security after Brexit in the latest in a series of position papers aimed at informing negotiations with the EU. Dr Simon J. Smith summarises its aims.
Tags: brexit | EU army | defence cooperation
October 6, 2017 by [field_author_2]
Defence IQ is undertaking a market study on 3D printing to explore the short- and long-term manufacturing impact on aircraft, spacecraft and satellites.
Tags: additive manufacturing | satellites | 3d printing
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