Feb 2.0 - Multi-level Security

How has COVID-19 accelerated the need to refine multi-level security systems and what are the gaps that have been exposed in the recent need to work remotely?

This webinar will take place on:
17 February, 2021
1400-1500 GMT

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Framed against the backdrop of COVID-19, this discussion will explore how defence has adapted to the working from home necessity while allowing staff to access sensitive documents and systems. How this has accelerated the need to refine multi-level security systems and the gaps this has exposed in the current system architecture.

Multi-Level Security (MLS) Networks are systems that can hold information at a number of different security classifications while only granting access to the level of information the user has authority to access.

It has particular impact for liaison officers, for example to Nato, where they have access to general information of a particular classification level within the organization they are working, but also require higher-classification access to report back to their home HQ at a higher classification level.

Discussion will cover:

  • Enabling defence forces to share and protect data in a coalition-based world in order to deliver at pace
  • How to implement multilevel security, common challenges encountered
  • Securing every data object individually so it can be shared safely and responsively without compromising security

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