Apr 1.0 – Counter-UAS (APR 7)

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Counter-UAS


Militaries are increasingly focused on countering unmanned threats. Drone technology has miniaturized and proliferated and is now easily accessible to non-state actors who can weaponise commercial off the shelf technology. Higher-end advances in swarming technology and military grade systems such as the recent Chinese tests of massive suicide drone swarms pose an even greater threat.

C-UAS and C-sUAS technologies on one hand need to be low cost-per-effect to counter numerous targets, but also increasingly sophisticated and enabled by technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to counter swarms and ensure defences are not overwhelmed

Discussion will cover:

  • Outline of the threats faced and the complex scenarios which advanced solutions are sought for
  • The role of AI and ML solutions for target identification and detection of C-UAS and CsUAS
  • AI and ML opportunities for decision-making and rapid response to threats
  • Use of AI and ML to develop adaptive electronic countermeasures (ECM) to jam drone signals