Mar 2.0 - 5G Revolution (MAR 17)

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm 5G Revolution


In a system of systems the network becomes the driving force. 5G and next-generation wireless technologies promise a revolution in military operations. However, there are some security concerns attached which are preventing their wholesale adoption.

Underpinning the promises made by data fusion, artificial intelligence, the sharing of data across the battlefield between unmanned systems, drone swarms, weapons operators and an assortment of manned platforms and autonomous systems is 5G.

As decision cycles accelerate and the OUDA loop spins ever faster, the only way to compete on the battlefield of the future is going to be built on a fast, effective, and secure 5G network.

Discussion will cover:

  • Military implications of 5G.
  • Assessment of the risks and opportunities
  • Building 5G interoperability across the NATO alliance