Feb 2.0 - Multi-level Security (FEB 17)


Sharing information on fixed and deployed operations poses security challenges, in particular when such operations are multinational. The ability for diverse organizations, and in particular coalition and alliance partners to communicate and collaborate efficiently, effectively, securely, and reliably on a single platform is critical to mission success..

Multi-Level Security (MLS) Networks are systems that can hold information at a number of different security classifications while only granting access to information the user has authority to access. COVID-19 and a move to remote working has also raised challenges for data access. This has accelerated the need to refine multi-level security systems and exposed gaps in some systems.

Discussion will cover:

  • Understanding the challenges of working between classification levels
  • How to implement multilevel security and cross-domain solutions
  • Enabling defence forces to share and protect data in a coalition-based world at pace
  • Collective training use case of the UK RAF Gladiator Programme


Suranga Wickramasekera

Business Development Manager
Pitch Technologies Ltd


Michael Powell

Cyber Representative – North America, UK Defence & Security Exports, DIT,
British Embassy Washington


Chris Poole

Digital SME, Government, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
BAE Systems Applied Intelligence


Alexander Stephenson

Defence IQ