Jan 1.0 Smart Bases (JAN 13)

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The term ‘Smart Bases’ covers a plethora of technology from smart energy to autonomous vehicles and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. The common goal of incorporating the latest technologies is to take advantage of opportunities for efficiencies and cost savings, while also improving resilience.

In order to provide a focused area for discussion this forum will focus on 5G and IoT solutions, how they can be used, where they add the most value, and how this can be implemented - all while limiting the security challenges presented by connecting.

Discussion will cover:

  • Enabling technologies; GIS and infrastructure data as a map to layer on perimeter security solutions
  • Operational technology, automation, artificial intelligence, digital integration and cybersecurity
  • Implementing 5G networks, security considerations
  • Using AI/ML to flag unusual behavior and movement patterns
  • Using mobile device information to measure employee engagement
  • Lessons learned from ongoing or recent case-studies

Lt Col (USMC) Brandon Newell

Director, SoCal Tech Bridge, NavalX
U.S. Department of Navy



Land Open Systems Architecture, Land Equipment
DE&S – UK Ministry of Defence


Tony White

Chief Technology Officer - Land (Precision Control Systems)
Ultra Electronics Group


Alexander Stephenson

Defence IQ