19 - 20 November, 2019
Hilton London Canary Wharf, London, United Kingdom

Smarter Borders 2016 - Interactive Discussion Tables

Seize the chance to engage with senior policy makers and other border security managers:

  • Join a discussion group at 1700hrs on the 1st day of the Smarter Borders conference. A rotation after 25 minutes, will enable you to engage with two of the vital topics below.
  • Learn from industry thought-leaders about the progress and future direction of border control  technologies and how you can take advantage of these developments.
  • Collaborate to generate smart and effective measures to guarantee the integrity of your nation’s borders.


  1. Big Data Solutions For Border Control – Moderated by HP Enterprise Services
    1. Barriers to Data Sharing at the EU and International Level
    2. The merits of current solutions
  2. Exploring Solutions To Cope With Increased Traveller Flow – Moderated by Accenture
    1. What innovative technologies are available to aid this?
    2. How practical is it to integrate these solutions into current entry/exit checkpoints?
  3. A Holistic Approach to the Refugee Crisis – Moderated by WCC Smart Search & Match
    1. Biometrics and Biographics for de-duplication and watch lists
    2. Incorporating Breeder document data for identifying fraud
    3. Capturing skills for labour assessment/placement?
    4. Exit- Start Improving “Evidence of Identity” Information
    5. Essentially ICAO Message
  4. Exploiting The Diversity Of Systems And Data In Borders And Homeland Security: Can We Turn Today’s Weakness Into A Strength? – Moderated by Sopra Steria
    1. A holistic approach to the EU Information Management Strategy is needed to deliver more effective and efficient internal security and border management
    2. How to move forward from fragmented data and too many access protocols: limited progress since 2009 requires the problems to be re-framed  
    3. The evolution and adaptive capability of a multi-user, multi-purpose distributed eco-system: what are the requirements for customers and users (border guards)?
    4. Redundancy between the physical (passports, visa stickers) and the digital (virtual)world: do we still need paper?
    5. Cross-functionalsupport, such as automated event management, notification and case management to support collaboration and cooperation. Mobilising travellers’ and commercial partners’ participation in security.
  5. Harmonising The Twin Aims of Security & Passenger Experience – Moderated by SITA
    1. Balancing the needs of all stakeholders from the carriers to the border forces