Making borders smarter and safer: Current challenges and investment trends

Making borders smarter and safer: Current challenges and investment trends

It is becoming increasingly more difficult for border agencies to manage efficient and safe borders, as the international climate and the ever-growing passenger flow is putting extra strain on their decreasing budget. Cutting edge technology and infrastructure solutions are deemed crucial to address these challenges.

Ahead of this year’s Smarter Border Management conference, we surveyed experts from around the world ad across all types of sectors, including Government Agencies, Multi-National Organisations and Aviation. They share their insight on their plans to increase the efficiency and safety of their borders.

Download the survey results now >>

Download the survey results to:

  • Understand the respondents’ main priorities
  • What solutions they see as most fitting to achieve their objectives and in what timeframe they are looking to invest in them
  • The challenges that are currently impacting them the most

 In this survey, we ask the following questions:

  • What is your current main priority?
  • To address your current priorities, what solutions do you think have the most potential?
  • In what timeframe are you looking to invest in these solutions?
  • What is the challenge currently impacting you the most?

The following solutions are mentioned in this survey:

  • Data capture, analysis and exchange
  • Biometrics
  • Surveillance system
  • E-gates
  • X-ray gates

 The following challenges are mentioned:

  • Increased passenger movement i.e. tourism and business
  • In-territory terrorist threats
  • Brexit and the uncertainty of the freedom of movement
  • Processing migrant flows from war zones

The Smarter Border Management conference will delve into technological solutions, such as automated border control, biometric identification and large scale information systems, needed by border agencies to address the increasing passenger flow and the continued threat of terrorist activities within our borders. The conference will gather over 120 leaders in border security, policy makers, experts and stakeholders. You can view the full agenda by clicking on this link.  


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