2019 Global Offshore Patrol Vessels Key Programmes and Requirements Map

2019 Global Offshore Patrol Vessels Key Programmes and Requirements Map

The OPV market is the fastest growing segment of the naval market, and is expected to reach US$34.1 billion in 2024. Defence IQ compiled this map of OPV ongoing programmes and key requirements from countries from all around the world. 

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Download the map to learn more about what countries that will be attending this year’s OPV International 2019 are doing in the OPV space, such as:

  • Spain – Navantia’s EUR4 billion contract to build five new F-110 frigates for the Navy
  • Italy – acquisition of seven Multipurpose OPV for its Navy
  • Canada – plans for the introduction of 18 new vessels for its maritime forces, including Arctic OPVs
  • United Kingdom – update on the £635 million contract with BAE Systems for five Batch Two River Class vessels
  • Philippines – plans to procure six OPVs for its Navy
  • Ghana – commission of the first vessels in 32 years
  • Malaysia – 15 to 5 transformation plan
  • Bangladesh – delivery of Italian OPVs to the Coast Guard to conduct patrol missions
  • Germany – acquisition of Elettronica GmbH’s self-contained integrated scenario simulator
  • Norway – acquisition of the latest TRS-3D naval radar and MSSR 2000 I IFF system
  • Taiwan – delivery of Mk. 41 launcher from the US and goals to locally produce additional launchers
  • Romania – manufacture of four Gowind multi-missio corvettes for its Navy
  • Japan – plans to introduce 12 new OPVs for its Maritime Self-Defense Force
  • Mexico – procurement of eight Patrulla Oceánica de Largo Alcance
  • Portugal – entry into service of the Viana do Castello class OPVs
  • Ukraine – joint production of 20 FPB 98 with France
  • Sri Lanka – delivery of P 625 vessels from China
  • United States – US$657 million investment in National Security Cutters, Offshore Patrol Cutters and Fast Response Cutters for its Coast Guard

Key benefits of downloading the map:

Know top acquisition and upgrade priorities from countries that will be present at OPV International

Develop business strategies by meeting the right people from countries having active programmes and key requirements at OPV International  

Gain insights into investment trends from your peers

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