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Attend Military Radar 2018 to…

  • Develop adaptive and autonomous systems that are rigorous enough to meet the minimal fail rates required by military operators, and continue to work towards the application of a truly cognitive radar system
  • Explore how to leverage advances in signal processing that can help you to reduce clutter and identify emerging and low frequency threats in a congested air space
  • Discover the critical advances in ELINT and Electronic Warfare, and analyse how advances in passive systems and MIMO radar can be used to safeguard your capabilities against jamming and stealth technologies
  • Understand how to implement a networked radar system, which takes maximum advantage of multiple capabilities to enhance domain awareness and increase the range of coverage
  • Identify the operational requirements of advanced multi-system radars, and analyse their ability to provide your forces with cost-effective and integrated solutions that combine air defence, counterbattery and ESM capability, without the need for multiple connected platforms

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