2018 Brian Lihani HQ NORAD- Is radar still integral to military operations in the 21st century?

At Military Radar 2018, Brain Lihani Deputy Chief, Aerospace Warning Branch HQ NORAD delivered a presentation assessing if 'radar is still integral to military operations in the 21st century?'. 

With threats becoming harder to detect and current systems ageing, enhancing threat detection is becoming increasingly important and programmes such as SENSR are vital for NORAD's defence.

2018 Dr Clayton Stewart UCL- A Survey of Radar Automatic Target Recognition

Dr Clayton Stewart, Professor at Electronic and Electrical Engineering University College London followed on by presenting a session on 'A Survey of Radar Automatic Target Recognition'.

Dr Stewart dives deep into the importance of understanding the key strengths and weakness of different kind of sensors outside of radar, whilst also providing valuable analysis  on the best way of confusing an enemy's target recognition process.

Attendee List 2019

Here you can find the Latest Attendee List for the upcoming Military Radar conference. Check out the accounts that have confirmed their attendance and the industry professionals who will be giving exclusive presentations and networking at the summit. 

Past Presentation 2018: Innovative Radar Solutions -SAAB

For a snapshot on Military Radar 2018 conference and what to expect, view SAAB's Björn Engström past presentation on Innovative Radar Solutions