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Military Flight Training: Global Market Overview

Ahead of this year’s Military Flight Training conference taking place on 26-28 March, Defence IQ surveyed experts to better understand what the market needs to maintain high readiness to combat threats on the full spectrum of operations.

Download this complimentary global market overview to learn more about:

  • Current pilot shortage and training requirements
  • The advantages and challenges of outsourcing training
  • The current industry offering

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Global Military Flight Training Market Report 2018/2019

The global military flight training market is in full swing on both the rotary-wing and fixed-wing trainer aircraft. New technologies that allow for simulation training are enhancing training capabilities, as countries all around the world are now investing in flight simulation centres and LVC solutions.

Ahead of Military Flight Training 2019, download this complimentary global market report to learn more about:

  • Belgium’s EUR4.11 billion deal with Lockheed Martin
  • Poland’s contract with Leonardo for the Advanced Trainer Jet system
  • Australia’s AIR 5428 Pilot Training System
  • The US Air Force’s T-X programme

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Global market report 2017-2018

Every year, Defence IQ provides the fixed-wing and rotary-wing community with a comprehensive report on the current key programmes and requirements of trainer aircraft as well as current global holdings.

In this exclusive report, discover what countries such as the UK, the US, Nigeria, France, Poland, Israel, Pakistan, all present at the Military Flight Training 2018 conference and many more.

2019 Attendee List

Interested in who will be joining us at #MFTEvent?

The 18th annual Military Flight Training will be joining together over 250 military and industry attendees from over 40 nations to conduct in-depth discussions to ensure operational readiness of aircrew for current and future operating environments.

Discuss these critical challenges for the future of military flight training with representatives from over 100 accounts this March 26th - 28th in London.

Implementing integrated LVC flight training: Challenges and opportunities

This exclusive panel discussion facilitated by Air Marshal (Ret) Sir Christopher Harper will address some of the challenges of LVC flight training including:

  • LVC in mixed inventories of new and legacy platforms
  • Linking synthetic mission training systems and networking simulators to enable multi-entry and multi-location training exercises
  • Developing common interfaces between simulators and trainers
  • Improving spatial awareness of synthetic training 

Integrated and interoperable synthetic training: Advantages, opportunities, challenges

Synthetic training has an enormous potential in military flight training, enabling allied and partner nations to train together as a coalition at low cost in complex and constructed scenarios. The virtual environment could help create international teams prior to an operation, improving their interoperability and increasing their efficiency.

Ahead of the Military Flight Training 2018, we discussed with LtGen (ret.) Anthony J. Rock, former Inspector General of the U.S. Air Force and Chairman for MFT 2018, about high-fidelity simulation and whether it truly represents an opportunity to leap ahead in military flight training.