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The Overall Modernisation of the French Transport Fleets

In this past presentation, Colonel Michel Stanislas, Transport Fleets Manager, Program Office, French Air Force HQ discusses:

  • A global overview of French fleet modernisation
  • Main challenges for the French Air Force such as doctrine, operational employment and human resource’s challenges
  • Developing AAR capacity
  • The future of strategic lift

Planning, Mobilising And Sustaining The United Nations Operations

This presentation, by Jennifer Thompson, Chief, Logistics Support Division, Department of Field Support, United Nations will cover how the United Nations are providing dedicated support to international peacemaking and peacekeeping operations, working with military partners to ensure the availability of lift, and logistical challenges when working in some of the most austere environments.


    1. Overview of the support to Peacekeeping
    2. Operations Environment in which we work
    3. United Nations Movement Control Section
    4. United Nations Airlift
    5. Specific Areas of Concern

    The RCAF and HADR Operations: Capabilities, Applications, and Challenges

    • A structural and inventorial overview of 1 Canadian Air Division
    • How does the Royal Canadian Air Force maximise and optimise the use of their fleet of C-130Js?
    • What does the future look like for Canadian Air Mobility? Future mission sets; disaster and humanitarian relief obligations