Enhancing Strategic and Tactical Airlift Operations through Multi-Role Aircraft Capabilities in Asia-Pacific

Rapidly changing and evolving geo-political landscapes in Asia-Pacific continues to shape operational requirements for both strategic and tactical military airlift operations. As regional Air Forces continue to define new capability requirements and manage existing transport fleets and assets, there remains a strong emphasis on finding the right aircraft that can fulfil both strategic and tactical airlift operations.

Coupled with an increasing focus on humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations in, the Military Airlift APAC Summit which will deliver senior stakeholders from regional Air Forces and industry to brainstorm best practices, strategies and capabilities in fulfilling both strategic and tactical airlift operations in an ever-evolving security domain.

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Why You Need to Attend Military Airlift APAC 2018

Acquire first-hand information about upcoming airlift procurement programmes from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, Philippines and more!

Discover the latest cost-effective, innovative solutions for multi-role airlift operations that are fit-for-purpose in Asia Pacific and Southeast Asia.

Deep dive into strategic airlift operations, technological innovations and air-to-air refuelling for APAC.

Debate resource-pooling strategies and applicability in Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific.

Bridge the gap Between strategic and tactical airlift requirements in Asia and find out if there is an answer to multi-role platform requirements in APAC.

Topics that will be addressed include:

Changing trends in strategic and tactical airlift operations in Asia Pacific.

AAR and Aerial Refuelling Capabilities and Operations in the region.

Best practice case studies from regional Air Forces in HADR missions and multilateral operations.

Procure vs Upgrade? Understanding what Regional Air Forces are looking to Procure in the next 5 Years.

Air-to-Air Refuelling Capabilities for APAC Air Forces- Overcoming Challenges in Standards and Data.

Multi-Role Capabilities Platform: Can You Do More with Less?.

Modernising Your Airlift Capabilities: What You Need to Consider in APAC.

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