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Market Insight and Exclusive Interview e-Book

Ahead of the MEDEVAC 2015 event in London this October, Defence IQ has collated a number of interviews and analytical articles to offer an overview of the contemporary challenges and recent developments in the medevac community. Download this e-Book to read insights on “the platinum 10 minutes,” the medical response situation in Nigeria, and more…

The Answer to Aeromedical Response in Nigeria

While the Nigerian government’s resources to deal with the dual crisis of violent conflict and an outbreak of the Ebola virus, one private company has proved itself to be able to revolutionise healthcare access in the country, establishing an air ambulance capability that has airlifted over 500 patients to safety. Read more about Flying Doctors Nigeria Ltd and what current challenges are demanding innovative solutions and feedback...

Red Cross: Saving the lives of the life-savers

Those who practice medicine in the battlefield routinely and voluntarily put their lives on the line. However, as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is quick to point out, that does not mean those practitioners are exempt from the right, the need, nor the expectation for protection. If anything, those in the field conducting humanitarian aid missions are meant to be some of the most protected of all, working as they do to indiscriminately save the lives of any wounded person or victim of war. While there are laws that govern this protection, a lack of understanding or of concern across many regions torn apart by violent struggle means that protection is far from guaranteed...

The disaster and medical preparedness of the Queen Astrid Military Hospital in the case of terrorist attack in Brussels

• Dispatching patients among the neighbor civilian hospitals

• Ensuring the safety of Belgian military medical personnel

• Maximisng response time to provide critical care in an urban environment

Managing MEDEVAC capabilities in an enduring conflict: An Armenian perspective

The challenges associated with managing MEDEVAC capabilities during an enduring conflict are unique. The readiness of combat medic teams, the availability of medical inventory and appropriate transport is equally important for long periods of time. 

Colonel Manvel Vardanyan, Physician in Chief of the Armenian Armed Forces and speaker at MEDEVAC 2018 knows these challenges well. In this exclusive transcript of his interview with Defence IQ, he shares his unique insight on the operational and capability challenges the Armenian forces face every day in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Embracing new technology in the MEDEVAC market: Insights from Gulfstream

How will new technologies disrupt the MEDEVAC market? The emergence of telemedicine and new technologies is forcing solution providers to adapt to this changing market to remain relevant and Gulfstream knows these challenges well. Richard Nevitt, Director of Government Business Development & Capture at Gulfstream Aerospace shares here his exclusive insight on the evolution of the market in the digital age and how they ensure the relevancy of their solutions.

Pakistan: How a country's MEDEVAC is shaped by its disasters

Now an emerging figure in the global MEDEVAC community, Pakistan has learnt the hard way how to be effective in the evacuation and treatment of casualties. Ahead of the 6th annual MEDEVAC conference (25th-26th October 2017), Major General Salahuddin Qasim, Instructor Armed Forces Postgraduate Institute in Rawalpindi, gave us an exclusive insight into his nation’s MEDEVAC and its development and operational challenges.

2017 MEDEVAC Market Report

Natural disasters, migrant and war casualties and terrorism increase the demand for MEDEVAC missions and trained personnel. In this market report, experts from all around the world gave us their insight on key areas such as priorities for procurement, current challenges of MEDEVAC operations and  key missions of the future.