Royal Danish Air Force Case Study - The benefits and challenges of in-flight medevac operations

The Royal Danish Air Force’s Air Transport Wing is developing a revolutionary new approach to in-flight medical evacuation that could make a lasting impact on the treatment of soldiers and help save lives. Both Dr Claus Lie, Head of the RDAF airevac squadron, and Dr Jean-Michel Ferrieux are leading the development of medevac containers, or modules, that can be loaded into the cargo bay of an aircraft to act as a kind of mobile medical ward.

Giving MEDEVAC units room to breathe

In the British Army, at least one in four soldiers is an army team medic, carrying with them both the equipment to stem excessive bleeding and the advanced skills required to manage a situation on the ground. However, amid serious conditions, it is often up to the Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) to not only transit the injured to a medical facility but to also provide care in-flight, effectively mobilising the resuscitation ward to the wounded...