History of Maritime ISR Global

r the past 13 years Maritime ISR Global has evolved - from it's beginnings as Maritime Reconnaissance & Surveillance through to it's current form as part of IQPC's global ISR portfolio as Maritime ISR Global. Take a look at the events evolution and journey across Europe below. 


October 2007 | Lisbon, Portugal
Chairman - Martin Fisher, chief Executive Officer, International aerospace & Defence Network


October 2008 | Marseille, France
Keynote Presentation - Admiral Mark P.Fitzgerald, Commander, US Naval Forces Europe, Allied Joint Force Command Naples 

Ground Based Air and Missile Defence 2010

28-29 October 2010 in London, UK
Chairman: Dr Jeremy Stocker, Associate Fellow, RUSI
Workshop - 27 October 2010:
Missile Defence Technologies: History and Future Outlook led by Uzi Rubin, Missile Defence Analyst, Rubicon Defence Consulting
Key topics of the event:
- Evolving missile defence threats 
- Understanding Counter-Rocket Artillery and Mortar technology 

Integrated Air and Missile Defence 2011 

18-19 May 2011 in Cologne, Germany
Chairman: Colonel Fabian Ochsner, Head of Ground Based Air Defence, Air Operations Centre, Swiss Air Force
Workshop - 17 May 2011:
Missile defence and RAM defence, learning other disciplines led by: 
Uzi Rubin, Missile Defence Analyst, Rubicon Defence Consulting 
Dr Dan Öberg, Senior Lectuer, Swedish Defence Academy
Dr Miroslaw Sankowski and Tomasz Rutkowski, Remote Sensing Experts, Gdansk Institute for Telecommunications
Key topics of the event:
- Organisational reorganisation for Air Force responsibilities for air and missile defence
- The future of NATO air and missile defence procurement and integration equipment

Integrated Air & Missile Defence 2012 

10-11 May 2012 in Zurich, Switzerland
Chairman: Colonel Fabian Ochsner, Head of Ground Based Air Defence, Air Operations Centre, Swiss Air Force
Workshop - 9 May 2012:
2 site visits:
Visit to the Headquarters of the Swiss Air Force Air Defe nce at Emmen Air Force base
Visit to Rheinmetall Air Defence’s testing range in Ochsenboden
Key topics of the event:
- Assessing NATO-wide air and missile defence capability with discussion on the NATO Shield Project
- Focus on the ‘Military Operations Other Than War’: deterring war, resolving conflict, promoting peace and responding to domestic crises

Integrated Air & Missile Defence 2013 

Strengthening Global Air and Missile Defences with Greater Firepower and Less Manpower

19-20 March 2013 in Warsaw, Poland

Chairman: Major General Leszek Cwojdzinski, International Cooperation Division, Armaments Policy Department, Ministry of National Defence, POLAND
Workshop - 21 March 2013:
Elements Within Integrated Air and Missile Defence, led by Uzi Rubin, Rubicon Consulting
Dormant Limitations Which Affect Successful Integration, led by Jeroen De Jonge, Naval Force Protection, TNO
Key topics of the event:
- Developments in active and passive sensor technology
- The potential growth of the NASAMS air defence architecture

Integrated Air & Missile Defence 2014

Detection, Interception and Integration / Official partnership with the Swedish Air Defence Unit

4-5 March 2014 in Halmstad, Sweden
Chairman: Fabian Ochsner, Vice President Marketing and Product Management, Rheinmetall Air Defence AG
Workshop - 3 March 2014:
Tour of the Swedish Air Defence Unit’s base
Today’s toys, tomorrow’s threats – Countering UAVs as the Air Defenders’ challenge led by Miroslav Krátký, University of Defence, Czech Republic
Key topics of the event: 
- Prioritised developments in air missile defence forces across European nations
- Major challenges associated with combatting UAVs, achieving maximised interoperability and using simulation software to optimise the effectiveness of systems

Integrated Air & Missile Defence 2015 

Modernising and Integrating Air and Missile Defences / in official partnership with the Spanish Army

16-17 March 2015 in Seville, Spain
Site tour and live fire demonstration - 18 March 2015 at the 74th Air Defence Regiment 
Key topics of the event: 
- The changing threats in Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East
- Case studies on requirements from Chiefs of AMD Regiments from across Europe and North America

Integrated Air & Missile Defence 2016

Collaborating to close critical capability gaps in air & missile defence

16-17 March 2016 in London, UK
Workshop - 15 March 2016:
Innovative methods of detection and interception – countering UAVs led by Dr. Isaac Bankman, Associate Director, Office of Naval Research Global
Exploring the challenges to the effective integration of C2 systems led by Paul Dendy, Staff Officer, IAMD Section, NATO
Key topics of the event:
- The integration of cutting-edge international and internal C2 systems
- Enhancing the ability to neutralise non-traditional aerial threats

Integrated Air & Missile Defence 2017

Optimising deployability and minimising susceptibility in air & missile defence

29-30 March 2017 in London, UK
Workshop - 28 March 2017: 
Examining allied and adversary air & air defence forces in Europe and throughout Africa led by Erik Nielsen, USAFE-AFA/A2AD, U.S. Air Force
Key topics of the event: 
- The technological solutions and operational methods currently being employed against ‘low, slow, small’ threats
- Multilateral integration and investment to respond rapidly to the contemporary operating environment

Full Spectrum Air Defence International 2018

The Gathering of the World's Air Defence Community

19-21 September 2018, Zurich, Switzerland

Building a layered defence across the total threat spectrum
Key topics included:
- Minimising response times to aerial threats
- Enhancing abilities to operate alongside international allies
- Developing cost-effective air programmes

Full Spectrum Air Defence International 2019


24-26 September 2019, Berlin, Germany

Find out more by viewing the agenda here