Maritime ISR Global Conceptual Agenda

Maritime ISR Global is to return to London in 2020 from 27-29 September, after four years of touring Europe. 

This market-leading conference brings together maritime operators working in the air, on the surface and beneath the surface to enhance domain awareness and decision-making authority in an era of hybrid threats and multi-domain operations. It incorporates industry responsible for platforms (manned and unmanned), sensors and systems that operate from space to the seabed to support ISR, target acquisition and command and control. For the first time in 2020, the conference includes a Focus Day on Anti-Submarine Warfare, recognising the revived importance of this mission set and the role of ASW assets in supporting a full-spectrum approach to MDA.

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2018 Sample Attendee List

2018 Sample Attendee List

View our sample attendee list for our 2018 event to see who will be attending and your networking opportunities with these on site. Download the list here.

2019 Confirmed Attendee List

Maritime ISR Global 2019 will welcome 150 senior leaders from the UK, Australia, Sweden, Germany, NATO and many others to set a roadmap for delivering persistent maritime ISR. With Europe’s defence narrative focused on the threat of peer conflict in the land environment, the Black Sea serves as a reminder that the ability to operate at sea is just as intrinsic to NATO’s strategic priorities. As the uptick in non-NATO activity continues, its waters have become an important case study for delivering a global joint ISR capability – one that can overcome an increased operational tempo to sustain a high-level of decision support to the war fighter.