24 - 26 September, 2019 | Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest Hotel, Bucharest, Romania

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Maritime ISR Global returns for the 17th year in 2019 (24-26th September), with this years event being moved to Bucharest, Romania. We will be welcoming senior leaders from the UK, Australia, Sweden, Germany, NATO and many others to set a roadmap for delivering persistent maritime ISR.

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Maritime ISR: 2019 Global Market Report

Ahead of this year’s Maritime ISR Global Conference, Defence IQ compiled a comprehensive report highlighting active ongoing programmes and key requirements in the Maritime ISR space, as navies invest in ...

OCEAN2020: Insights into the future development & acquisition of Europe's maritime ISR capabilities

The brand-new OCEAN2020 project is aimed at building up a Recognised Maritime Picture to secure maritime dominance and is led by Leonardo. Its 15 member European countries will focus on integrating data and unmanned systems in existing fleets. Ahead of Maritime ISR Global 2018, Defence IQ had the ...

Maritime ISR Global Summit Trailer Video 2018

This short trailer gives you everything you need to know about the upcoming Maritime ISR Global 2018 conference. In less than two minutes you'll have know exactly what to expect!

Connecting the dots: Maritime ISR from the seabed to space

The current operating environment for naval forces is complex, cluttered and multi-layered across subsurface, surface, air, space and cyber/EMS. Reaching maritime domain awareness and achieving decision-making superiority is reliant on the timely collection of data and integration of various ISR ...

Maritime Patrol Aircraft: Key programmes & requirements 2017

The maritime domain plays host to some of the greatest threats to international security. Operators of manned and unmanned airborne platforms designed to fulfill maritime tasks must meet the challenge of delivering accurate surveillance to support global security at sea, no matter the challenge at h ...

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Timeline: 100 Years of Italian Naval Aviation

Check out the infographic in celebration of a century of the service's air capability of Italian Navy. View this visual timeline to trace the major landmarks in its history as Italy plans a future of unmanned systems, advanced helicopter platforms, a new fleet of carriers and the arrival of the...

Long-range Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA)

The focus of this paper, compiled by Squadron Leader Tim Croydon, Staff Officer Maritime, RAF, is to evaluate the necessity of long-range Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) in UK Defence following its removal in the 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR). It is now the first time in one hundred...

Coast Guard Focus: Icelandic Coast Guard on Arctic Cooperation

As a member of the Arctic Council, the presence of the Icelandic Coast Guard (ICG) remains important to the wider security issues of the region. Rear Admiral Georg Lárusson, the Director General of the ICG, tells Defence IQ the current priorities and major challenges, particularly in the field of search...

2018 Sample Attendee List

View our sample attendee list for our 2018 event to see who will be attending and your networking opportunities with these on site. Download the list here.