Maritime ISR Global 2018 Event Highlights

By: Andrew Robertson

Domain Awareness & Decision Advantage, From the Seabed to Space | 25th - 27th September 2018, Rome, Italy

The 16th annual Maritime ISR Global forum saw 140+ senior leaders travel to Rome, representing the military, civil agencies, and industry for 3 days of interaction, sessions and networking as decision advantage from the Seabed through to Space were covered. 

The video below captures the essence of the three days condensed into 3 minutes. 

The first day of the event kicked off with the: Space Focus Day - 25th September

"The growth of space-based technologies for the maritime environment has been transformative, re-shaping the way that the maritime community navigates, monitors and tracks ships, and communicates with other entities at sea and onshore. Underpinning this transformation is the vast expansion and innovation of commercial space capabilities, which includes data products from radar, electro-optical, AIS, and RF monitoring satellites. By integrating these sensor systems and data effectively, the maritime community can maintain domain awareness and decision-making advantage. To do so will require more focused programmes dedicated to earlier adoption of commercial space technology, investment into research and development, and changes in policy to influence commercial decision-making, reduce duplication and speed up prototyping. Whether it’s the larger exquisite assets or the low orbit nanosatellites, commercial space can fulfil the mission requirements of the allied navies at the strategic, operational and tactical levels. To fully exploit this potential, it is vital that these two communities continually meet to share insights into S&T pathways, acquisition challenges, and mission needs."

It was then time for the two main conference days, co-chaired by Vice Admiral Alan Richards (RET), Royal Navy and Rear Admiral Paul Becker, USN (RET). 

Main Conference Day One & Two | 26th - 27th September 

The global maritime community faces a myriad of threats and challenges at sea. These threats transcend borders, cross domains and blur the lines between national and international, civil and military. To fully ‘see’ the maritime space and build assurance in decision-making, the maritime community is developing doctrine, procuring capabilities and deploying assets through this prism, whereby an ISR architecture is built as a mosaic, rather than a set of stovepipes. Integrated domains, from the seabed to space, fused assets and sensor feeds, shared data in the joint and coalition environment; these are the drivers that underpin maritime ISR thinking today. Aligning the ISR enterprise with a robust command and control infrastructure will enable decision making advantage and domain awareness; stability and early warning in peace, crisis and conflict.

What did attendees say?

  • "The management of the event has been outstanding. Perfect execution" Spanish Navy Attendee
  • "Great networking opportunities" Ministry of Defence of Singapore
  • "It was all very informative and enjoyable" New Zealand Defence Force
  • "Well balanced and very relevant to the key topics" NSPA