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As land power doctrine re-orientates towards multi-domain operations there is a need to invest in new training capabilities that will develop adaptive and innovative soldiers, capable of fighting against skilled enemies and winning in complex, changing battlespaces.

This change is part of a broader strategic modernisation initiative reshaping army thinking today, driven largely by two key factors: technology and a vision of the future operating environment.

The inaugural Land Forces Training conference will fuse the best of industry with eclectic sources of military expertise to build meaningful consensus across coalitions and industry partnerships on the training needs of the future warfighter - providing a forum for discussion on what skills will be required to fight and win in 2050.

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7 reasons to attend Land Forces Training:

Modernise your land forces training by adopting modern, progressive doctrine that assures your preparedness for multi-domain operations and the future threat context

Provide a more realistic, immersive collective training experience to the next generation of warfighters through the leveraging of commercial off-the-shelf synthetics and virtual, mixed and augmented reality technologies

Create warfighters with greater situational awareness, tactical mobility and assault support knowledge

Optimise training output and demonstrate training effectiveness through the use of advanced big data capture and exploitation technologies

Maximise the effectiveness of your training delivery by establishing lasting relationships with military and industry training partners and debriefing joint training exercises to improve interoperability

Utilise live and simulated training within a joint, international framework to provide realistic training and produce versatile personnel

Start building readiness at the individual to collective levels for large scale ground conflict