Implementing MDC2: Five challenges facing the Five Eyes

Implementing MDC2: Five challenges facing the Five Eyes

The multi-domain command and control (MDC2) concept is a central element of the US and Five Eyes efforts to sustain their competitive advantage across every domain in the theatre of operations. The considerations relative to this approach impact capability, doctrine and training for C2ISR in order to support the fielding of a lethal and agile joint force. 

Ahead of this year’s ISR & C2 Battle Management Forum, Defence IQ had the opportunity to gain exclusive insight from conference co-chair, Lieutenant General David A. Deptula (Ret.), Former Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Headquarters U.S. Air Force (2006-2010) on the main challenges the US and its Five Eyes partners are facing when seeking to apply MDC2 to an ever-more complex operating environment. 

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Key benefits of downloading the piece

  • Gain insight into how to accelerate the application of multi-domain command and control in readiness for the future high-end joint fight by recognizing the challenges to tackle, as explained by Lieutenant General David Deptula, who will Chair this year’s ISR & C2 Battle Management 
  • Learn more about how to integrate cyber within MDC2, and deliver a defence information architecture which is robust enough to sustain force integration and reach back in the CDO environment, which will be a key theme of this year’s ISR & C2 Battle Management 
  • Maximize the application of AI, big data and machine learning to support the advanced processing and exploitation of data for the complex battlespace, which will be discussed in further details at ISR & C2 Battle Management 

Get a preview of the interview:

Defence IQ: General, can you give us your take on MDC2, and the path to realizing it across joint forces? How do you view the progress being made in this area?

Lt Gen Deptula: We are long past the point where we fight as individual service components. When we have to go to war, we fight as an integrated complex involving operations in every domain. Therefore, one has to have the means to provide command and control of all of those forces in all of those different domains, in order to ensure evenness of effort; that’s what MDC2 is all about.

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