A look at last year's ISR & C2 Battle Management USA conference

A look at last year's ISR & C2 Battle Management USA conference

In 2017 and 2018, the ISR & C2 Battle Management USA conference charted the development of multi-domain command and control as a transformative concept for the US and its Five Eyes Partners. It gathered senior military leaders, government officials and the defence industry to help advance the ISR enterprise and ensure the integrity of C2 even when information superiority is challenge or denied.

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The conference saw interventions from Lieutenant General Stephen G. Fogarty, Commander, U.S. Army Cyber Command, Lieutenant General VeraLinn “Dash” Jamieson, Deputy Chief of Staff for ISR, HQ U.S. Air Force and Air Marshal Stu Evans, Deputy Commander, Allied Air Command. Chaired by Lieutenant General Robert P ‘Bob’ Otto (Ret.), former Deputy Chief of Staff for ISR, USAF Headquarters, Vice Admiral Frank Pandolfe (Ret.), former Assistant to the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff (2015-2017) and Lieutenant General David A. Deptula, Dean, Mitchell Institute of Aerospace Power Studies, the conference had a notable representation from industry, with presentations from Raytheon, Connexta, Lockheed Martin, Boeing and LightSpace Technologies’ CEO.

The Defence IQ team created this report containing the highlights of last year’s conference and session summaries from key speakers. Download your copy to learn more about:

  • Defense intelligence innovation and the IT enterprise by Lieutenant General Bradford Shwedo, Director, C4 / Cyber; Chief Information Officer, Joint Staff, J6
  • Priorities for enabling multi-domain C2 and ISR by Jack Blackhurst SES, Executive Director, Air Force Research Laboratory, who will be returning to our 2019 event
  • U.S. Army research, development and engineering command – network and C3I S&T Strategy by Michael Monteleone SES, Director of Space & Terrestrial Communications Directorate, U.S. Army CERDEC

Our 2019 conference will pick up where last year’s conference left off, engaging more explicitly with the operationalization of MDC2 and those capabilities that the concept has driven forward. To learn more about this year’s event, you can download the agenda here.

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