The ISR and C2 Battle Management USA conference serves as a landmark strategic forum for the Five Eyes partners, bringing more than 150 representatives from DoD, Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Joint Staff together with defense industry leaders. It is part of Defence IQ’s world-leading ISR portfolio, the overall aim of which is to deliver and to sustain a decisive information and decision-making advantage for combat forces across every warfighting domain – from space to cyberspace, from air to the seabed.

The US Joint Staff’s adoption of Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) presents an unprecedented opportunity to unify service-level thinking on multi-domain warfare. The focus of this year's conference, it provides a platform for re-designing C2 frameworks with cross-domain operations in mind, and encourages the development of ISR capabilities that can be leveraged by every component of the joint force. For the C2ISR enterprise - and for our conference - JADC2 offers a chance to work towards capabilities that can meet the challenges of tempo, distance and A2/AD imposed by peer warfighting, enabling the delivery of warfighting effect across multiple domains.

Meet the 2019 Conference Co-Chairmen

speaker name

Vice Admiral Frank Pandolfe (Ret) 

Day One

November 5th 2019

speaker name

Lieutenant General David Deptula (Ret) 

Day Two

November 6th 2019

speaker name

Lieutenant General Robert ‘Bob’ Otto (Ret) 

Day Three

November 7th 2019

2019 Speakers Include:

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