Shaping the next-generation air power: What do future combat air systems look like?

Shaping the next-generation air power: What do future combat air systems look like?

The FCAS and Tempest programmes are moving ahead quickly, with France and Germany welcoming Spain and Italy confirming their collaboration with the UK and Sweden at DSEI earlier this year. The focus is on a system of systems approach for both, which will require new technologies and innovative solutions to sustain air superiority in the future operating environment. Ahead of this year’s International Fighter conference, Defence IQ delved into the three biggest fighter programmes of our time: the F-35, the FCAS and Tempest. 

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This white paper is divided in the following sections:

  • Lieutenant General (Ret’d) Chris Bogdan, Former PEO F-35 Lightning II Joint Program Office, U.S. Air Force shares the lessons he learned from managing the F-35 programme
  • Major General Jean-Pascal Breton, Programme Lead FCAS, French Air Force discusses achieving air superiority at the horizon 2040 with the FCAS
  • Bruno Fichefeux, Head of Future Combat Air Systems, Airbus speaks on enabling European air forces to find an answer to future air power challenges through the FCAS
  • Air Commodore Dan Storr, Head Combat Air Acquisition Programme, UK MoD shares insight into preparing for the post-Typhoon era with the Tempest programme

Top benefits of downloading this white paper:

  • Gain exclusive insight on the top three biggest fighter programmes from the heads of these programmes, all of which will attend this year’s International Fighter 
  • Learn more about how new technologies will be leveraged to prepare air forces for the future operating environment, which will be an ongoing theme at this year’s International Fighter
  • Get a better understanding on the role of industry in regard to to achieving Air Forces’ vision for their fighter aircraft

Major General Breton, Air Commodore Storr, Lieutenant General (Ret’d) Bogdan and Airbus will all attend this year’s International Fighter conference. To view the agenda of the conference and learn more about their sessions, please click here

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