Past presentation: The role of the combat fighter on the joint force

Past presentation: The role of the combat fighter on the joint force

We have exclusively released the presentation Major General Scott J. Zobrist, Commander, 9th Air Force, Air Combat Command, United States Air Force gave at last year’s International Fighter Conference, where he discussed the role of the combat fighter in the joint force. The presentation is divided in four different sections: the readiness for the fight; getting to that fight; multi-domain operations; joint and multinational considerations. Download the piece to have access to his slides and the transcript of his brief, just as if you were in the room.

In this presentation, Major General Zobrist covers the following themes:

  • Integration of the fighter with the joint force. Exploitation of information capabilities of advanced combat aircraft to support C4ISR for the multi-domain operation
  • Management of challenges in the contested environment. Survivability and information dominance for operations in the complex battlespace
  • Global reach for the US Air Combat Command. Sustaining and supporting the F-35 for a global operating environment

Download the presentation now >>

Why should you download this presentation?

  • Gain exclusive insider insight into the role of the fighter aircraft in the joint force, from the US Air Force which will attend this year’s International Fighter conference
  • Learn more about the US Air Force’s cyber considerations of operating next-generation aircraft in the joint force
  • Hear more from the US Air Force’s fighter readiness for the fight of today and tomorrow

Read an exclusive preview of the presentation below:

Major General Zobrist: We have to acknowledge and consider our joint partners; when I say joint, I am mostly talking about the other services, the other domains of land, maritime and, in some cases, broader than that. I will talk a little about that today, but I will primarily discuss airpower, because I believe airpower is key to that joint power that our nations bring independently or, more importantly, when we bring it together as a coalition or a partnership or an alliance of some sort. The fact that airpower is being key to the joint force is summed up very well from…

This presentation is exclusively released ahead of this year’s International Fighter conference where more than 250 from across the globe will meet to discuss meeting the challenges of operations now and in the future. To learn more, you can download the agenda here.


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