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European Security & Defence (ESD)

ESD, established 2002, is a high-quality journal by Mittler Report Verlag, Germany.Its focus is directly on Europe as customer, supplier and partner. Its audience is global - military – industrial – political decision-makers.Published every 6 weeks, ESD is a versatile platform for information and influence, for the next level of thought... Read More

Soldier Modernisation

Soldier Modernisation (SoldierMod.Com) is an authoritative policy and technology publication for the international defense community, serving the integrated equipment needs of the dismounted soldier and marine in operations today and the fielding of Soldier Modernization Programs over the next few years. SoldierMod.Com is designed to provide insights into how decision... Read More

Tactical Defense Media

Tactical Defense Media publications provide insights into DoD programs and technologies. Our publications offer expert opinion/information regarding best practices and lessons learned from military, law enforcement and first responders. Titles: Armor & Mobility, Combat & Casualty Care, Security & Border and CST/CBRNE and Naval Power & Force Projection. Read More

Mittler Report

Mittler Report Verlag publishes specialist periodicals and brochures in German and English as well as newsletters, studies and essays in the areas of - Security and Defence Policy, - Armed Forces, - Defence and Security Technology, - IT and Cyber Security, - Logistics and - Public Security. These themes are... Read More

Defence IQ

Defence IQ is the world’s largest online community of defence and security experts. It hosts an open source content hub providing thought leadership to over 130,000 professionals and the sector’s leading conference and event portfolio.Our MissionWe recognise that the business and technology landscape of the defence industry is ever-changing. As... Read More

ASDNews – “Be the first to know” ASDNews brings the latest aerospace, defence and security news from government, industry and major news agencies around the world. Our service has over 60,000 active subscribers and 2 million article readers per year. ASDNews content is categorised in over 25 main news groups  ... Read More