June 23 - 25, 2020 | USA

2019 Speakers Included

Welcome to International Armored Vehicles USA

The world’s leading armored vehicle conference brand is coming to the US in June 2019. The inaugural International Armored Vehicles USA event will take place in Austin, TX, the new home of US Army Futures Command HQ, as it transitions to Full Operational Capability. We are also delighted to announce the participation of General John M. Murray- Commanding General of Futures Command- as a keynote speaker at the event.   
One of the six key priority areas for Futures Command- and established as a Cross-Functional Team (CFT) at inception- is the Next Generation Combat Vehicle portfolio.  The portfolio encompasses the complete future maneuver capability for the US Army, and its contingent programs offer a number of opportunities for industry to shape its strategic direction. International Armored Vehicles USA will provide a forum through which these opportunities can be explored in a meaningful way.
The Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV) and the Mobile Protected Firepower (MPF) programs are at competition and approved purchase stages respectively. But the jewel in the crown for the priority area is the Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) program, which is currently at the requirements definition stage. The operational concept for the OMFV features heavily in the IAVs USA 2019 agenda, as Futures Command and its partners also work through the artificial intelligence and MUM-T technology enablers that will allow the vehicle to reach its maximum potential as a lethal and decision-making platform. The outcomes of these discussions will define the direction that the next generation of fighting vehicle will take, and ultimately the team that will build it.

The agenda for this world-class event will also feature a thorough analysis of- and partnership opportunities in- the following areas:

    • Vehicle protection suites and active protection systems.
    • The Mobile Protected Firepower (MPF) program.
    • Robotics and autonomous systems - including the Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV) or ‘Robotic Wingman’.
    • Foreign military sales opportunities for light tactical and legacy platforms.
The leading decision makers on these programs will be participating, as we scope end-to-end vehicle capability for the future US Army.
It is also imperative for the conference to support the vehicle interoperability drivers for the NATO alliance as the development of the above concepts and programs continue. The forum will, therefore, be available to international US allies and platform user groups that are able to add significant value to the discussions. 
We look forward to working with you on this world-class, vehicle-dedicated forum, designed to support the delivery of programs and the generation of the most advanced requirements, anywhere in the world.

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