UGVs & Manoeuvre in the Future Urban Environment

UGVs & Manoeuvre in the Future Urban Environment

The rise of global megacities and the increasing fragility of metropolitan spaces due to environmental and geopolitical crises suggests that the likelihood of future conflict taking place in the urban environment is increasing. Recognizing this, land forces are modernizing their capability portfolios to enable them to fight and win in urban operations, and Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) will play a critical role in enabling manoeuvre advantage.

In lieu of Defence iQ’s Unmanned Ground Vehicles forum in January 2020, as part of our annual International Armoured Vehicles conference, we are pleased to publish this paper on UGVs in the future urban environment and the future of armoured manoeuvre.

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Our contributing writers have provided a breadth and depth of insight into how UGVs are being deployed today, with case studies on:

  • Israel’s Carmel programme
  • Russia’s experience with the Uran-9 in Syria.

The report also looks at:

  • The U.S. and British Army’s ongoing testing and evaluation process relating to the rapid development of UGV technology,
  • The unique operational challenges future cities will present army commanders and tactical units. 

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