Manoeuvre in the Digital World

Manoeuvre in the Digital World

'Digital Transformation' is currently thriving within civilian, commercial and public sectors - signalling a new era of data and information technology-centric thinking and practice. The armed forces have also felt the effects, both organizationally and on the battlefield.

The manoeuvre force is one such force embracing the concept, adopting technologies which reduce maintenance costs, manpower burdens, speed up decision cycles and support battle management. In light of this Defence iQ have published this white paper 'Manoeuvre in the Digital World' - designed to address the impact of digitization processes and digital technologies on the contemporary armoured manoeuvre force.

Included in the paper is:
  • 'Digitization in Defence' an analysis on UK MOD digitization initiatives by PA Consulting
  • The Bundeswehr's 'Digitisation of Land-Based Operations' Programme
  • 'Protected Manoeuvre': The Australian Army's Transition to a Digitized Armoured Fleet
  • Digitized by Design: Innovating the AFV - in conversation with General Dynamics Land Systems

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