Future Mortar Systems 2019 Full Event Guide

As the only conference focused solely on mortars, munitions and the future of firepower capability, Future Mortars Systems has become the annual host for military and industry representatives such as Aselan, Belgian Land Component, US Army ARDEC, Slovenian Army , Belgian Armed Forces, British Army, South Korean DAPA, Egyptian Army, Netherlands Ministry of Defence and many more to further the development of future land warfare capabilities. 

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The principal objective of the forum is to build trust, familiarity and personal networks among allied NATO and partner ground forces and combat capability leaders, helping to drive interoperability towards more unified and effective joint and coalition unit operations. 

This year's particular focus is on infantry operations and how man-portable and vehicle mounted mortar systems provide an organic firepower capability to the manoeuvre force. Our speaker faculty includes a unique cross-section of subject matter experts such as regular and special operations, operational leaders, and doctrine heads:

  • Lieutenant Colonel Laurent Ducrot, Chief of Capability Development, Artillery School, French Armed Forces
  • Major Michael Johnsson, Mortar Specialist, Danish Artillery Regiment, Royal Danish Army
  • Captain Felix Juellig, Head of Development for Combat Forces, Army Concepts & Capabilities Development Center, Germany Army
  • Mr. Ross Arnold, Senior Research Engineer, U.S. Army CCDC-AC / USMA

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