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U.S. Army Armament Research, Development & Engineering Center Presentation

At last year's Future Mortar Systems conference, Mr. Michael Markowitch of the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development & Engineering Center presented on '81mm Non-Lethal Indirect Fire Munition (IDFM)'. 

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  • The need for NL munitions in congested environments with ambiguous combatants/civilians
  • The development of non-lethal indirect munitions
  • Future requirements and technological developments

Future Mortar Systems: The Emerging Challenges

A new dawn for mortar systems has arrived. While lessons and upgrades have been harnessed from Afghanistan, tomorrow's conflicts may present an entirely different environment with a number of emerging obstacles. These considerations are just some of the operational problems that delegates will be taking with them to Future Mortar Systems conference...

Mortar Developments: A Special Forces Operational Insight

Lt Col Bandieri speaks to Defence IQ and gives us a special forces operational insight on mortar developments. He discusses optimising interoperability and joint firepower capabilities for the special forces and infantry.

Infographic: Future Mortar Systems - Overview of an ever changing market

The doctrine and TTPs of NATO’s land forces are continually reassessed as they look to win the assymetric fight of today and prepare for the near-peer conflict of tomorrow. The employment of indirect firepower therefore must continue to evolve and adapt to more hybrid and complex tactical battlespaces. We asked experts from the military and the industry their views on the current mortars market, in the light of the 7th edition of the Future Mortar Systems conference.

Future Mortar Systems 2018 - Sample Delegate List

Take some time to view the sample delegate list for Future Mortars 2017 here. 

Sample del list mortars 2017

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A global overview of mortar requirements

On tomorrow’s battlefield, technologically proficient adversaries will deny allied troops their freedom of manoeuvre, while small and highly dispersed tactical forces will become a valuable mean of projecting combat power. This will strongly impact their TTPs and consequent future mortar systems development, acquisition and employment.

Defence IQ has researched where there has been significant investment by nations to sustain, modernise or innovate their mortar systems. Learn more about the UK, US, Belgium and many others, all of whom will be participating at this year’s Future Mortar Systems symposium.