29 - 31 October, 2019 | Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel & Conference Center, Madrid, Spain

Live Fire Demonstration

7:45 am - 4:10 pm Live Fire Demonstration

 As global mortar and indirect fire commanders face new challenges within the battle space, the lead sponsor of the 9th Future Mortar Systems Conference, NTGS invites you to join a unique a live fire capability demonstration of its new and innovative weapon systems.
NTGS will present a live fire exercise for attendees, which will feature a demonstration of new and existing weapon systems, including the ALAKRAN, at the SanGregorio firing range in Zaragoza, Spain. Showcasing capabilities against a range of active targets, this will be a unique opportunity to see the weapon systems in action, and have a close up look at the innovative new platforms. As of today, the planned programme will be as follows:
·         0745 - Hotel Pickup at Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel & Conference Center, Madrid, Spain
·         0900 - High Speed train to Zaragoza
·         1015 - Pickup Zaragoza train Station
·         1045 - Arrival to firing range San Gregorio
·         1100 - Demonstration of mortar systems, BMS and UAV systems
·         1300 - Lunch at the firing range
·         1400 - Conclusion of lunch
·         1450 - High Speed train to Madrid
·         1610 - Arrival to Madrid Atocha Train Station
·         1700 - Drop off at Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel & Conference Center, Madrid, Spain
The San Gregorio shooting range created in 1910. With an area of 33.839ha and a perimeter of 108km is the biggest one of its kind in Europe. Inside the San Gregorio shooting range the event will take place in the area F-23 with a maximum range of 4,5km.
The event will be held inside a tent equipped with screens that will allow you to follow all the activities during the demonstration. 
The tent will be heated and in case of rain, umbrellas will be provided to the guests
There will be toilets available during the whole length of the event.
The lunch will be served inside the tent after the demonstration.
Please note that those attendees who will be dropped off at the airport when coming back, can leave the luggage at the bus in Madrid to pick it up in the afternoon.
During the demonstration there will be real fire of 120mm mortars, with the presence of UAV systems and on site presentations