Major General Antonio Planells Palau

Commandant Spanish Marine Corps

G Antonio Planells Palau was born in Madrid on August 16th 1959.

He joined the Spanish Navy on August 16th 1978 graduating as First Lieutenant (Marine Corps) on July 16th 1983. In July 1986 he was promoted to Captain. Subsequent promotions dates are: Major (October 1995), Lieutenant-Colonel (July 2001), Colonel (July 2009), Brigadier General on March 22nd 2014 and Major General on January 12th 2018.

His professional career includes, amongst other posts: First Lieutenant in the Royal Guards (Guardia Real) and the "Tercio de Armada" Fire Support Acquisition & Control Squad. As Captain he was in charge of the Madrid Security Company and later assigned to the Operations Platoon of the Reinforced Landing Group. He also served in the 1st Landing Battalion embarking in the Landing Flotilla Staff and the attack transport ship "ARAGON". As Major, he was posted to the Spanish Navy Studies Commission, the Marine Corps General Headquarters and appointed Logistics Chief of the Marine Corps Brigade. As Lieutenant-Colonel he was Technical Advisor in the Chief of the Defense Staff Inner Cabinet, Chief of Staff of the "Tercio de Armada", and First Liaison Officer of the U.S. Marine Corps in Quantico (Virginia). As Colonel he was assigned to the Marine Corps Force Staff as Chief of the Plans Section, and was subsequently appointed Director of the Chief of Naval Staff (AJEMA) Inner Cabinet.

From 4th September 2015 until 12th January 2018 he commanded the Amphibious Brigade "Tercio de Armada".

Since 16th January 2018 he has been appointed Commandant Spanish Marine Corps.

Major General Planells' international assignments include: United Nations Observer Group in Central America (ONUCA) in 1990, and commanding officer (Major) of a Marine Corps Tactical Sub-group in Bosnia-Herzegovina (SFOR) in 1999.

He is a Combat Diver and a specialist in Tactical Communications. He has a Spanish Army Staff diploma and has attended the following international courses: NATO Defense Course (NADEFCOL) in Rome, and European Allied Command College (SHAPE).

Major General Antonio Planells Palau has been awarded the following decorations: Commendation, Badge and Cross of the "San Hermenegildo" Order; a Military Merit Cross; four Naval Merit Crosses; an Air Force Merit Cross; a Guardia Civil Merit Cross; a United Nations Medal (ONUCA); a NATO Medal (SFOR/BIH); a BIH French Medal and the Chilean Naval Academy Medal.

General Planells is married to Begoña Hernani Goldaracena and has two children: Begoña and Francisco.

Conference Day Two

Tuesday, January 1st, 2019


  • The pendulum swings. From wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to the leverage of naval services
  • The strategic and operating environment. Globalization, state competition and amphibious affairs
  • Building the amphibious force. Strengths and weakness
  • Old threats, technology and new thinking. Distributed lethality and logistics in littoral operations
  • To conclude. How to exploit our amphibious potential

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