Future Amphibious Force 2020 Agenda

Future Amphibious Force 2020 Agenda

Held with the official support of the Royal Marines, the inaugural Future Amphibious Forces conference, will take place in London, 1st - 2nd December 2020.

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Expert speakers include:

  • Vice Admiral José Augusto Vieira da Cunha de Menezes, Commander in Chief Naval Squadrons, Brazilian Navy 
  • Vice Admiral Paulo Martino Zuccaro, Commander, Fleet Marine Force, Brazilian Marine Corps
  • Vice Admiral Piyal De Silva, Commander, Sri Lankan Navy
  • Vice Admiral James Guido Thornberry Schiantarelli, Commander General of Pacific Operations, Peruvian Navy
  • Major General Matthew Holmes, Commandant General, Royal Marines
  • Rear Admiral Jens Nykvist, Commander, Swedish Royal Navy 
  • Major General Antonio Planells Palau, Commandant, Spanish Marine Corps 
  • Major General Daniel D. Yoo, Commander, Marine Forces Special Operations Command, US Marine Corps

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