Disruptive Technology Digital Event

In light of global restrictions due to COVID-19, our next Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation physical event will take place in 2021. For 2020, we will be hosting an online conference  to provide an effective way for industry to maintain relationships, make new connections and demonstrate thought leadership.


‘As the world changes, so must we. We are responding with a bold and ambitious innovation initiative – to embed innovation across our organisation and transform the way we think and operate’ 
 Rt Hon Ben Wallace MP, Secretary of State for Defence

Key NATO nations are prioritising disruptive innovation and increasing budgets for data management and digital technologies to transform ISR; C2; the manned/unmanned/autonomous mix on land, at sea, in the air and in space; and enable Synthetic Environments to train for multi-domain operations.

In response to this, and the huge success of the 2019 conference, the world leading Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation Conference will return to London 16-18 September, bringing together over 350 senior military leaders, government officials, tech and defence industry, research, War and Staff colleges and academia.

This breadth of attendance, and the personal interventions of the DE&S Chief Executive and UK Chief of Defence Intelligence, and many very senior national military and NATO leaders, underlines the developing pace and significance of how Digital Age technology and method are fundamentally reshaping Defence and Security capability and operations. Warfare is now at machine-speed and armed forces need to accelerate the delivery of innovative technologies to the Warfighter to retain strategic overmatch in the Digital Age.

The 2020 Conference will continue the discussion on how the application of Digital Age technology transforms the delivery of ‘full spectrum effects’. It will foster debate on joint experimentation and accelerated procurement to align new military hard power with the whole range of soft power including cyber and social media. Welcoming perspectives form leaders shaping defence policy, it will assess how acquisition structures and processes can (and must) be adapted to ensure that armed forces are able to keep pace with industry’s progression.

We had to stop registration early for last year’s conference due to reaching maximum capacity. For 2021, we have allowed more space, expecting 350 attendees, but advise booking early to avoid disappointment. Roundtable discussions and SME spaces are also limited – find out more by downloading the agenda from the previous iteration of the conference below.

Featured Speakers

Benefits for the Military Community

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Achieve operationalisation and exploitation of disruptive technologies by hearing case studies and learning how to advance experimentation, prototyping, and R&D efforts

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Transform C2 and enhance decision-making by hearing briefings from the main military decision-makers, industry, and academia

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Revolutionise intelligence, unlock the power of AI, and achieve data-drive decision-making by meeting leading solution-providers of advanced software and data management technologies

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Multiply your force and adopt a manned-unmanned mix of capability for future multi-domain warfare by enhancing your understanding of what is in the art of the possible

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Advance hard and soft power for hybrid warfare by embedding innovation and learning how to accelerate procurement from non-traditional defence suppliers

Benefits for the Technology Industry

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Present your solutions to decision-makers, who are shortening their procurement cycles and accelerating integration of technologies from traditional and commercial solution providers

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Gain first-hand insights into near, mid, and long-term development plans of NATO militaries to align your systems to capability requirements and secure future partnerships

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Learn about how your organisation can benefit from defence innovation initiatives, focusing on military exploitation of SME and start-up technologies

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Be the first to showcase your C4ISR and RAS solutions to Armed Forces’ thought leaders, as they finalise requirements for the future Joint Force

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Enhance your understanding of current experimentation, trialling, and R&D to inform budgetary decisions and develop winning business proposals

Snapshot of last year’s conference

The 2019 Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation Conference welcomed over 200 attendees, more the twice the number at the 2018 event. Attendance spanned from North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia, drawing in senior military leaders, government officials, tech and defence industry, research, War and Staff colleges and academia.