Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation Blog

Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation

The 2019 Disruptive Technology Conference saw over 200 defence leaders and technology innovators come together to discuss how the rapid pace and significance of Digital Age Technology is reshaping Defence and Security capability, operations and procurement.

This blog highlights the foreword from General Sir Richard Barrons (Ret), conference chairmen – Lieutenant General Mark Poffley, Vice Admiral Duncan Potts, and Air Marshal Graham Stacey.

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The Future of Warfare: Robotic and Autonomous Systems Strategies

Winning wars in the future relies on the adaptability of leaders, the skillset of soldiers, and the use of advanced technology. The US Army Robotic and Autonomous Systems (RAS) Strategy demonstrates how the integration of new technologies will help ensure victory over increasingly capable enemies, aiming to commit time, talent, and resources now to position the US Army for victory in future conflicts.

This blog provides a snapshot of the US Army’s RAS Strategy and how it will come into play in the short, medium and long term in order to assist forces in defeating enemy organisations, controlling terrain and consolidating gains.

Gain an insight into the US Army's strategy in the blog below or download the full report here!

Transforming defence through new and disruptive technologies

Both the UK and US have recently unveiled strategic documents that shine a light on their respective approaches to adopting new and disruptive technologies. It is hoped that these new technologies will give their armed forces a competitive advantage in future conflicts, particularly as wars will be increasingly fought in the digital, and not just physical domain.

In this blog, Defence iQ delves into the UK and US plans of integrating disruptive technologies into their arsenal. 

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Deloitte Q&A: How Defence can embrace Disruptive Technologies

Ahead of this year's Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation conference, Defence iQ spoke to conference partner Deloitte about the defence sector embracing disruptive technologies.

See an excerpt from the Q&A below or view the full article here.

To take this discussion further, download the Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation Agenda. 

Integrating Autonomy In The Royal Navy - Exclusive interview with Colonel Dan Cheesman

With £75 million having been invested for innovative projects, the Royal Navy is a leading example of how defence forces can and should be embracing technological developments.

In this blog, Defence iQ have had the opportunity to discuss two of the Royal Navy's most recent ongoing projects - the hi-tech accelerator, NavyX, and the procurement process overhaul, Maritime UxV, with Colonel Dan Cheesman, Chief Technology Officer, Royal Navy.

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Disruptive Tech Insights from General Sir Richard Barrons, Former Commander Joint Forces Command

Last September, General Sir Richard Barrons, UK Vice Chief of Defence Staff, Commander Joint Forces Command and many senior national military and NATO leaders met at the annual Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation conference.

Ahead of this year’s conference, General Sir Barrons has contributed to a Post Show Report which summarisies the key discussions, themes and recommendations of the high-level meeting last year, giving insights into where the future of the industry lies.