Enhancing OT Cyber Security in the Digital Era

The adoption of industry 4.0 is driving the digitalisation of manufacturing, transforming the way products are designed, developed and serviced. The widespread integration of digital technologies such as robotics and automation, data analytics and cloud computing within the industrial environment is driving down production costs and rapidly increasing profits for the most advanced manufacturers. This transformation, though full of promise, also poses risks. The interconnection and digitalisation of operational technology is increasing cyber vulnerabilities, and advanced manufacturers must bake in cyber security principles and practices that are effective against the rapidly evolving global cyber threat.

Defence iQ’s Cyber Security for Advanced Manufacturing Conference is the first sector-specific opportunity to tackle these issues. The conference offers a unique opportunity for advanced manufacturers to learn from and connect with cyber security specialists, technology leaders and policymakers who will offer practical guidancecase-studies and risk analyses to ensure that the industry is prepared for and resilient against the cyber and data breach threat. The event is not simply designed to increase cyber awareness, but to provide a cybersecurity toolkit for industrial leaders who are ready to succeed in the Digital Era.

2020 Speakers Include:

Key Topics Include

Digitalisation and Industry 4.0

  • Industry 4.0: moving towards ‘Smart Factories’
  • What does industry 4.0 mean for advanced manufacturing?

Integrating OT & IT infrastructure security

  • Managing the cyber risk of Integrating OT, IT and IP sides of the business
  • Enterprise architectures and network topologies: data storage, data sharing, platforms, network segregation
  • Supply Chain and collaboration engagement. Identifying weak points in your network

Managing cyber risk and incident response

  • Changing the understanding of cyber security at board level is resulting in exposure to hidden risk
  • How to ensure proper insurance measures are in place to protect against cyber incident – risk transfer, pre-incident mitigation services, and incident response services

How to build an effective cyber defence: talent, people & culture

  • How actively engaging with your organisations leads to stronger cyber security risks
  • Raising employee awareness: the impact of bring your own device to the manufacturing network

Regulations and Compliance

  • Supporting legacy systems in a faster moving, smarter and more connected environment
  • Lessons identified from the implementation of the NIS Directive
  • How successful is NIS in securing cyber systems

Who Attends?

Virtually every Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) location has a number of Industrial Control
 Systems (ICS) which are designed to regulate and control a key variable. The event should be attended
 by individuals responsible for ICS from:


Digital Manufacturing






Additive Manufacturing