Crisis Management & Emergency Response Summit

15 - 17 October, 2019 | Manama, Bahrain

Crisis management in the 4.0 era: The integration of state agencies and the new practices  

For the past 10 years, key agencies working in the government and critical infrastructure have been implemented various measures to avoid major asset failures, disasters and security lapses, which may result in loss reputation.

The key to this is to have a centralised command centre in place which can coordinate all activities in order to develop modern communication systems that can help in data gathering and disseminations for assisting in intelligence operations.

The formation of National Security OPS centre (NSCO) and Office of Presidency State Security in Saudi Arabia are the best examples of coordinated activities. NSCO offers security service, including information, statistics and reports to the Saudi MOI’s security sectors, besides its role in coordinating the efforts of those agencies with each other. The Centre also follows up and assesses the emergency security situations and decides if intervention is needed.

The 2019 edition, taking place in Manama, will have a special focus on Bahrain and Saudi Arabia who are constantly driving this coordination across all agencies.

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Why Attend

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Identify and discuss the best practices in crisis management and emergency response

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Learn from other sectors and connect with top industry’s players

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Understand how to develop the best crisis management framework

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Evaluate the importance of agencies cross-coordination and collaboration

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Gain valuable insights on how to manage simultaneous incidents at once

Who should attend

Minister of Interior, Defence, and Health

Maritime Security Commanders

Heads of National Security Agencies

Head of Aviation Authority

Head of ERM

Head of Emergency Response and Crisis Manager