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Defence IQ

Defence IQ is the world’s largest online community of defence and security experts. It hosts an open source content hub providing thought leadership to over 130,000 professionals and the sector’s leading conference and event portfolio.Our Mission We recognise that the business and technology landscape of the defence industry is ever-changing.... Read More

Unmanned Airspace

Unmanned Airspace is a global market intelligence and news hub, dedicated to the counter-UAS and UAS traffic management sectors. Launched in 2018, it provides market information, including the world’s largest directory of counter-UAS systems and suppliers, used by security and military decision-makers from across the globe. It is aimed at... Read More


Covering today’s military in the modern battlespace, Warfare.Today is an online magazine and social media network devoted to current military operations and development, technology, defence news and security analysis. Warfare.Today draws on a massive range of sources to deliver holistic reporting across the defence and military sector for a growing... Read More

Military Systems & Technology

Military Systems & Technology is a comprehensive web portal and publication designed for the international defence and aerospace Industry. It is a source of daily information for manufacturers, OEM's, system integrators and contractors. The portal encompasses all aspects of military equipment, technology, design and services. Read More

The UAV Digest

The UAV Digest is a weekly audio program devoted to unmanned aerial vehicles and systems. Each week we discuss the latest industry developments and trends for both commercial and recreational uses of drones, as well as regulatory developments, research and development activity, drone technology advancements, emerging applications for unmanned aircraft,... Read More

Israel Defense

Israel Defense magazine is a bi-monthly publication, providing expert analysis and review of current events from the Israeli and global defense and cyber world. Read More

ASD Media

Websites: - Business Information Platform - Dedicated News Distribution - Online Source Database ASD Media is a provider of online media services for the global Aerospace, Space, Aviation, Defence and Security market Today ASD Media has three websites related to the ASD market: Read More