Preparing for future UAS Threats

In this exclusive interview with Lieutenant Colonel Luis Algara, Chief of the Department of Tactics, Techniques and Gunnery at the Artillery School of the Spanish Army and speaker at this year's Counter UAS conference, learn more on how the future operating environment impacts C-UAS capability developments. Download this interview to gain his exclusive insight on:

  • The characteristics of the future operating environment
  • The challenges in finding the right solutions to detect, classify and determine the origin of small UAS on the battlefield
  • The future UAS threats allied forces should prioritise their C-UAS capability development for
  • If military organisations such as NATO can help push individual nations to establish long-term CUAS development plans through group procurement

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Download the Counter UAS Event Guide

Participate at the only counter UAS conference designed exclusively for the military. 

British Army, NATO, US Army, German Army, Italian Armed Forces, US Navy, Royal Netherlands Army, Spanish Army 
and Government of France have already confirmed their participation.

The Counter UAS 2019 Conference will focus on:

  • What the future C-UAS operating environment will look like and how to prepare your forces for it
  • How to better protect your forces be they static, on the move, at home or abroad
  • Aligning your current plans for C-UAS capabilities with the latest solutions and recommendations from leading experts
  • Making the correct decisions in this rapidly changing space in order to equip your force by examining new concepts and approaches to emerging technologies
  • Implementing cost effective solutions to defend against the increasing number of UAS threats by learning how to use the latest C-UAS technologies effectively

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to your right to receive the full 2019 agenda, with the complete speaker line-up and session guide. 

Counter UAS Sponsorship Prospectus

Download the latest Counter UAS Sponsorship Prospectus and discover more opportunities to meet C-UAS experts face-to-face.

Donbass drones war: How indigenous UAS programmes enabled Ukraine to keep up in the drone race

The demonstration of drone capabilities in the Donbass war has shown the crucial need for Ukrainian and allied troops to adapt to an agile adversary force projected and multiplied by UAS fleets. Download this report by Major General Borys Kremenetskyi, Ukraine Defence and Air Attaché in the UK to learn more about the threats adversary drones posed in the Donbass War and what the Ukrainian response was. The elements presented here will be a core focus of this year’s Counter-UAS conference.