Counter UAS Efforts - An Interactive Timeline

Counter UAS Efforts - An Interactive Timeline

The threat of small commercial unmanned aerial systems as a means of transporting explosives or surveillance to military units is becoming prevalent among Daesh militants in the Middle East.  Here Defence IQ looks at some of the recent incidents reported and the technological solutions entering the market to counter this increasing threat.  

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Infographic - Counter UAS Worldwide Survey Results - How Worried are Militaries About the Threat of Small UAS?

How Worried are Militaries About the Threat of Small UAS? Recent incidents involving the use of small, hostile UAS by terrorist organisations in Syria and Iraq and regular armies in eastern Ukraine, coupled with rapidly expanding drone industries outside of NATO, have raised serious questions about whether the armed forces are adequately trained, organised and equipped to successfully defend against enemy UAS. The threat of small UAS has thus emerged as a critical tactical and operational vulnerability for the military, and industry is now beginning to respond to this capability gap. Yet, before acquiring C-UAS systems, a common understanding of the UAS threat and a clarication of the rules of engagement is urgently required. Ahead of the inaugural Counter-UAS conference (23-25 May; London, England), Defence IQ surveyed close to 500 of its readers involved in this domain to get a perspective on the threat from UAS systems at home and overseas…