EOD Engagement Focus Day

Group 1

9:00 am - 12:00 pm EOD ENGAGEMENT FOCUS DAY

The withdrawal of major military operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and the ongoing conflict in Syria has left behind almost two decades of Explosive Remnants of War. Left with a huge quantity of unexploded ordnance to be cleared for both humanitarian and commercial reasons and with no local capability to carry out this work, governments, private enterprises and NGO’s have turned to civilian agencies to fill the role previously filled by the military. As a world leader in C-EO/C-IEDthe UK Ministry of Defence receives more requests for assistance than it is currently able to satisfy through specialist UK military personnel and is now turning its attention to the external supply chain to support this requirement.
Hosted by Counter-EO UK, the focus day session will reflect on lessons learned from the two days of the conference, and discuss how new requirements for Counter-Explosive Ordnance across the globe will impact industry, military and NGO’s. Taking place across a series of round tables and case studies to address::
-       Implications of improvised threats and the effect on policy, funding and resourcing
-       How to access and partner with UK industry
-       Understand engagement opportunities for UK industry overseas
-       Contract support and through-life management
-       Lessons learned from previous case studies