Benefits of Attending l Countering Drones

This is the world’s only countering drones conference dedicated to the security community. By attending the Countering Drone 2019 Conference, you will:

  1. Gain an understanding of what future drone threats look like and how to prepare your organisation for them
  2. Acquire the knowledge of how to respond effectively to drone disruption cooperatively with other organisations and agencies
  3. Align your current plans with the latest solutions and recommendations from leading experts
  4. Deepen your knowledge of risk and security to understand how to protect your organisation more cost-effectively
  5. Influence future policy and demonstrate thought leadership by contributing to discussions with key industry experts

What our past attendees have said:

“Probably the best CUAS event I have been to”
John Scott Mathews, Senior Privacy Advisor, Intelligence, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

“Very valuable. I plan to continue to attend”
Avner Turniansky, Vice President Strategy, Vorpal

“Well done and organised!”
Manfred Mohr, Assistant Director Safety and Flight Ops, UAS Expert, IATA

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