Professor David Dunn, Department of Political Science and International Studies at University of Birmingham

Professor David Dunn

Department of Political Science and International Studies
University of Birmingham

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Opinion piece: Risk, regulation and resilience in countering drones

Opinion piece: Risk, regulation and resilience in countering drones

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Conference Workshop - 9 July

Tuesday, July 9th, 2019


Who should attend?
Everyone who has a stake in policy and regulation, including:
·          Law enforcement and public safety & security professionals
·          Prisons, stadiums, airports, managers of public spaces
·          Air traffic control, airlines and civil aviation authorities
·          Drone manufacturers and counter drone system vendors
What will you take away from this?
The tools to engage in debate surrounding counter drone policy, risk, regulation and resilience to create enlightened policies and strategies for your organisation
·          An appreciation of the nuances of the role and nature of drone regulation
·          An understanding on how to measure and mitigate risk and what it means to your operations
·          An understanding of the practices that will help your organisation to build resilience to drone incursions
·          Strategies to merge your own efforts on mitigating drone misuse with current thinking to help inform the best course of action for you
About the Workshop:
This interactive workshop will focus on the most effective ways to counter the illegal use of drones through the prisms of Risk, Regulation and Resilience. Participants will be required to have completed a questionnaire prior to attending in order to get the most out of this whole day session.
Divided into three parts based on the subjects of Risk, Regulation and Resilience the workshop will challenge its participants through each of these three elements.
First of all the risk of criminal drone use and the mitigation of risk through activity conducted by the state will be explored in order to generate discussion on drone use itself as well as drone risk.
Next the role and importance of regulation will be investigated in order to question how these regulations function for example in terms of deterrence, registration and whether certain types of drones should be banned altogether.
Finally, resilience will be discussed through prevention and will cover sanction, governance, detection and countermeasures; engaging attendees in a discussion about Critical National Infrastructure where there is strong policy relevance.
Swarms, technological convergence, reconnaissance, and the use of drones in Hybrid Warfare will all be covered in order to address some of the factors that are now looming into view for the policy establishment.